Anti Scam Protection Policy

At Dream Singles, we take the protection of our Members very seriously. We are here to provide our Members a safe and secure environment where relationships can develop and thrive. To achieve this, we use the latest technology to make communication as "live" as possible, through Live Video, Chat, Chat Date, and Email.

As part of our mission to provide our Members the best possible service, we utilize a comprehensive Anti-Scam ProtectionPolicy. First, it is important for our Members to understand what we mean by a scam and how a scammer might attempt to operate within a site like Dream Singles. Second, we will explain how our Anti-Scam Protection Policy operates to shut down scammers before they can communicate with our Members.

A scammer is any Member who intentionally uses our site for dishonest or fraudulent purposes. A scammer has no intention of engaging in a meaningful relationship with other Members and is only using the site for personal and/or financial gain.

Scamming behavior includes:

  • Requesting money or expensive gifts through Chats or Emails
  • Presenting false personal information in a Member profile
  • Impersonating other people during communications

Anyone engaged in scamming or dishonest behavior will be immediately and permanently banned from Dream Singles. If you think you may be communicating with a scammer, please do not hesitate to let us know about your suspicions.

To help protect our Members against fraud and dishonesty, we have introduced theConfirmed Profilefeature for our Members. When you see aConfirmed Profileicon on a Member profile, it means that our local independent representative in the Former USSR has verified the Members identity.

Our Members profiles are not confirmed until our local independent representative has personally spoken with the Member and verified their passport and background. Our local representatives make sure that the Member you see in the profile pictures is the same person you are communicating with, and that they are interested in meeting fellow Members. Moreover, our local representatives are required to follow strict rules in verifying the identities of our Members.

Other international dating sites may claim to have no scam policies, but here at Dream Singles, we are happy to disclose to our members exactly how we implement our Anti-Scam Protection Policy.

How We Confirm Member Profiles

To begin, a Dream Singles team member randomly calls our Members by phone to verify their identity. This includes requiring our Members to validate the information contained in their passport. Our Members also must show that they are knowledgeable about the correspondence shared with the Members they are chatting with. This is not a one time process our Members know they will be contacted multiple times at random to verify their account at Dream Singles in order to maintain their Membership.

Our Members are also required to be available to use Live Video on a consistent basis. This ensures that no one other than the Confirmed Profile Member is communicating with other Members.

We also work with multiple verification and anti-fraud providers in order to prevent any scamming behavior which may find its way to Dream Singles. We have made changes to our software to ensure that Dream Singles Member information is verified and accurate.

How We Prevent Scamming

At Dream Singles, our Members are not compensated in any way to communicate with other Members, and we do not hire any models to impersonate genuine Members. Our Members are not allowed to ask for money or gifts. Given that there are no financial incentives for Members to use Dream Singles, it can be presumed that our Members have the right intentions.

Furthermore, the entire Dream Singles team is dedicated to preventing scamming behavior and uses the latest technological and common-sense methods to make sure that our Members have the best experience on our site. For example, if you choose to send a gift to another Member, we require that Member to take a photo of him or her receiving the gift which confirms that the person you were communicating with is the person who received your gift.

While we take every step to ensure that Members experience a scam-free environment, Members themselves can use our various technology features like Live Video, Video Clips and Chat to verify the identity of the Member they are communicating with. In short, be aware, use common sense, and look out for red flags which concern you. Here are some useful tips to help avoid scammers:

  • Do not give out sensitive personal information or financial information to other Members
  • Do not send money or expensive gifts to other Members
  • Do not exchange personal contact information to Members you do not know well
  • End communications with any Member who pressures you to give out information you do not feel comfortable giving
  • End communications with any Member who tries to sell products or services or offers sexual services for money or gifts

Despite our comprehensive Anti-Scam Protection Policy, Dream Singles does not intend to overly police our Members. We intend to give our Members the benefit of any doubt and will conduct our communications with Members respectfully and discreetly. Therefore, please understand that our policies are necessary to combat the few scammers who are out there. All our policies are intended to advance our mission: providing a service that our Members can safely use to develop long-lasting, meaningful relationships.

Although we confirm the identity of our Members and provide our best efforts to stop scammers, the true intent of an individual cannot always be discovered. No one, including Dream Singles, can guarantee the intent of any other individual. Therefore, in the unfortunate event you believe you have encountered a Member with improper motivations, please contact us. We will take the matter very seriously. If it is confirmed that a Member is a scammer, their profile will be removed from our database immediately.

Please be mindful, however, there may be honest misunderstandings between Members especially when communicating with Members from different countries. In that way, we encourage our Members to ask questions in a respectful manner that may resolve any potential issues. Again, a common-sense approach is needed whenever dealing with others on an online platform.

As a Dream Singles Member, you can be assured that we are here to help you in any way we can. Your satisfaction is our best reward, and by reading our testimonials, you can see for yourself that we are very successful in helping people connect and create long-lasting and meaningful relationships.

Thank you for choosing Dream Singles, where YOUR happiness is OUR job!

Dream Singles Team